Resting in the Arms of Jesus

Last night our little Sugar Ray had one of those nights where he just couldn't settle into bed. He was tired and I'm sure having some teething issues. Mainly I think he just wanted to be close to me. I rocked him several times and attempted to lay him down and each time he would thrash his body all around until I picked him up again. Finally, I decided to lay with him for a while and in that time he tossed and turned and whined. I was near and yet he couldn't settle into me. And then it happened, he threw his body across my chest and slowly sunk into my arms. Once he was there, he grabbed my hand, pulled it to his face and fell fast asleep.

Deep, cozy, snore-infested sleep.

And my heart melted...

Laying there holding him, I couldn't help but think of how we desire to settle into God, we know we want Him and yet we find it so hard to give up the battle in ourselves. All the while, God draws near and waits on us to thrust ourselves onto Him, pull His hand close to us, and rest. What an image of His great care and our great need - of us resting in the arms of Jesus.

We go to court on Monday to see what are the next steps for all three of our little guys. My prayer leading up to this day has been to rest in the arms of Jesus. To be still and know that He is God. And praise the Lord by His grace and a lot of great people praying, I have been able to do just that - at least for the most part. ;-)

Please continue praying for us and for our friends, Aaron and Sarah Jane Hebert. Pray for our boys: Biggie, Smalls, and Sugar Ray - that every person who has any authority to speak for them would do so with their best interest in mind. Pray for the judge, our caseworker, the guardian ad litem, their mother and anyone else who may come across our path.

And while we are all praying, we will do our best to still ourselves and trust in the One who is always near.


  1. Aimee- I just love the way you share you heart in these postings. You are a gifted writer, which only lends itself to so sweetly offer what is in your heart. God always blesses me when I read what you write: so real, so true, so what this life is all about. I'll be praying; and I know God will keep all His promises to you. Love you. Carol


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