Heart-broken and Encouraged

I have struggled with how to articulate a response to the shootings at Emmanuel AME
on Wednesday evening and still don't have much.

Here's what I do have:

One of my favorite lines from our current praise music is found in the song, "Hosanna" - break my heart for what breaks yours.

I feel today that my heart is truly broken and that God is doing that work in me because His heart is broken. Broken because innocent lives have been lost. Broken because His children have been killed because of the way He created them. Broken because of the sin and prejudice that each of us carry for the other whomever the other may be. 

All I can do is weep - and I have absolutely nothing to offer other than my heartbreak and prayers.

What a sweet place to be - held in the hands of God with a broken heart for His people!

In this place, my soul finds rest and in the mysterious way of God, it finds encouragement.

I'm encouraged by the gift of worship today. The reminder through prayer, song and fellowship that God is Sovereign and still is, and will always be, the Prince of Peace. Encouraged that the congregation of Emmanuel AME and my brothers and sisters of color have worshipped boldly this day. Encouraged that I have been surrounded by fellow Christians whose hearts are breaking just like mine.

Thanks be to God that in Him there is room for both heartbreak and encouragement. 


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